Website maintenance

  • Most website software needs regular updates, to fix newly-discovered bugs and security holes, and to add new features. I'll keep your site updated, and replace obsolete unsupported components.
  • If your website has been infected by malware, I'll clean it up. I can check for vulnerabilities and patch them, and I can block a list of "known bad" IP addresses from accessing your site.
  • If you're infested by spammers or under attack by hackers, I can install tools to help block them.
  • I can change your website's look by installing a new theme, or add extra features by installing software add-ons.
  • Backups are important! I can make manual backups of your site, or set up automatic backups.
  • Your site got locked down for using too much CPU time? I'll look for resource-wasting features, and disable or replace them.
  • If you have a dedicated server or VPS, I can keep the system software updated.
  • If you're confused by features of your software, I'll study the technical docs and write up a plain-English explanation for you.

Website design

  • I can create a basic informational website (such as the site you're now viewing) for your business or organization. You can add website content yourself, or let me do it for you.
  • I can also set up a blog (for posting news and articles), a wiki (for an encyclopedia-like collection of information), or a forum (for public or private discussions).

Online presence management

  • I'll create or update listings for you on the major search engines (Google and Bing) as well as the four major data aggregators who provide information to many other sites.
  • I'll claim pages for your business on review sites (such as Yelp), and make sure their information is correct.
  • Hidden in the headers of your web pages are "meta tags" that help control how your site shows up on search engines and social media. I can make sure these tags are correct.
  • I'll place paid ads for you on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or anywhere else you request.


I don't design really fancy complex websites

  • If you need a specialized website (shopping, medical services, news media, etc), I encourage you to find a web designer with lots of experience.
  • On the other hand, if you actually need a simple website, I won't add unnecessary features. Your site exists to communicate with your visitors or customers, not to show off my skills, or this year's fad in site design.

I don't prey on small businesses

  • I don't offer vague promises of magical "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) to bring your listing to the top. There's real SEO, and then there's trickery — and the search engines will punish you for trickery.
  • I don't post fake positive reviews of your business, and I don't create spam that points to your website — this can damage your online reputation and your search engine ranking.
  • I don't lock you into a contract.
  • I don't charge you for work that I don't do (for example, monthly fees for a service that only needs to be performed quarterly or annually).
  • I don't resell inexpensive services to you at a huge markup.