$28 (US dollars) per hour. Minimum charge 1 hour; additional time billed in quarter-hour increments.


I'm happy to handle simple or complex tasks on a one-time or occasional basis.

For large or complicated projects, it may be impossible to give you an accurate estimate until I start the work and learn what needs to be done. In such cases, I will keep you updated on my progress and my best estimate of the hours required to finish the job.


Modern websites typically need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and securely. Social media accounts for your business need new posts to keep your customers up-to-date. Online advertising campaigns need data analysis and updates to maximize results. I can do many of these routine tasks for you. Tell me what needs to be done — I can advise you on this, if you're unsure — and we'll develop a task priority list, and set a monthly budget.

Please note that large jobs, such as recovering from a hacker attack or installing new software, may not fit within this budget. I will always get your approval before exceeding my agreed-upon hours.


If I incur costs paid on your behalf — for example, paying for website hosting, purchasing a software license, or obtaining a domain name — I will add these amounts to your invoice. New customers may be asked to pay these costs in advance.


Invoices are sent by e-mail (or I can mail a printed invoice on request). New customers will be billed monthly, or after the balance due exceeds $100 (whichever comes first). Established customers with a good record of on-time payment may be billed less frequently.

Payment is due 3 weeks after the invoice is sent. At my discretion, I may stop providing services until all past-due balances are paid. Balances which are more than 2 months past-due will be charged interest at 1.5% per month.

I accept Paypal, or personal checks and money orders (must be in US Dollars and drawn on a US bank). I do not accept credit/debit cards (except via Paypal), or any cryptocurrency.


I will do my best to keep your website running smoothly and your online presence up-to-date. However, I cannot take responsibility for problems caused by faulty or insecure software, hacker attacks, hardware failures, or any other issues outside of my direct control.

I will try to handle emergencies promptly, but I am a one-person business, and I am not available 24/7.

You agree that my liability is limited to the amount you have paid for my services.

Any claim or dispute between you and me shall be governed by the laws of the State of Washington and the United States of America. You, and I, agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of a Washington State Court or an Eastern District of Washington US District Court located in Benton County, Washington.


This website logs data about your interaction with the site. This may include your IP address, your browser and operating system, the referring site, the material you viewed, the time and date you viewed it, and other similar information.

If you use this site's contact form, you will be asked for your name and a working e-mail address.

I use this information to respond to customer inquiries, to track how well my own marketing is working, and (if necessary) to hunt down hackers and spammers who abuse the site. In general, I will be the only person with access to this data. I will not send you spam, or provide your e-mail address to any other party unless you specifically request it or it is necessary for me to do so for legal reasons.