Websites that I've worked on (and in some cases designed myself):


This is a basic informational site I designed for a local roofing business. Using Drupal may seem like overkill for such a small project, but it's a simple and effective way to create an easily-updatable site that displays well on smartphones as well as large screens.


I built this site from scratch: starting from a self-managed Virtual Private Server, I set up Hiawatha Webserver (which uses substantially less resources than Apache) and built this multi-author blog in Drupal. For visitors, the site is a familiar blog experience. But for writers, custom collaboration features are available, and the site's editor can ensure quality control before material is published.


Just my simple one-person WordPress blog. If you need something like this, I'll be glad to do the software installation and setup, so that you can concentrate on creating blog posts.


The owner of this site originally hired me to remove malware that had infected his WordPress files. Later, I installed a new WordPress theme to give his site its current clean look. I keep his software up-to-date, fix problems caused by software bugs, and block visitors who try to abuse the site.


This is another WordPress blog that got a theme update from me, making it compatible with smartphones as well as larger devices. I am also an administrator for the forum, which runs Simple Machines Forum software with many modifications and customizations. In addition, I help maintain two dedicated servers for the blog, forum, and related sites.


It's an antique! I hand-coded this site in HTML and CSS using only a text editor. Even today, though, there are cases where a plain old static webpage is better than WordPress or Drupal. You get complete control over the content and layout, and the page is served instantly, with no delay caused by running PHP code or accessing a database.